The Loft Forum is committed to providing a multi-disciplinary platform for meaningful and inspiring work with an aim to foster thought, creativity and dialogue.


We are inspired by the many amazing people we meet who are dedicated to making our world a better place for all. Providing a platform for them to share their work and stories is essentially what we do. We are driven by the realisation that a cross-disciplinary approach is needed to address the unprecedented physical, social and spiritual challenges that all living beings face today.


The Loft Forum values curiosity, a desire to share and celebrate excellence, and the belief that a multi-disciplinary approach can uncover the common thread that links all things. Our primary purpose is to support the work of people dedicated to living a higher ideal. Our aim in keeping our events free and open to all is based on a desire to create a place in the city where meaningful exchange is possible without a financial transaction.


Founded in March 2012, we have now curated and hosted over 140 events. While most of these are talks we also have live performances, storytelling, music listening sessions, workshops and (independent/documentary) film screenings. We are volunteer run and our events happen in the loft-like space of a restored and adapted 100-year-old building, in the heart of the Pune Cantonment.

Our events are free and open to all.