this archive contains 39 events

This archive catalogues each of our events. Our talks can also be watched directly on the Videos page and on our YouTube channel. A further catalogue of our journey is available on our Facebook page.

this archive contains 39 events

Featured Events


Ajit Rao | Creative Journey

Ajit Rao | Architect, Cartoonist, Educationist

Amruta Patil | Creative Journey 2013

Amruta Patil | Graphic Novelist

Amruta Patil | Work and Creative Journey 2019

Amruta Patil | Writer, Painter

Anthill Design | Recent Work 2013

Riyaz Tayyibji | Architect

Anjalendran Studio | Recent Work 2019

C. Anjalendran | Architect

Anjalendran Studio | Recent Work 2016

C. Anjalendran | Architect

DCOOP Architects | Recent Work 2013

Shilpa Ranade + Quaid Doongerwala | Architects

Design Workshop | Recent Work 2013

Shabbir Unwala | Architect

Designing with Bamboo

Munir Vahanvati | Architect

James Wales: Artist & Antiquarian in the time of Peshwa Sawai Madhavrao

Uday S. Kulkarni | Historian

Small Projects | Recent Work

Kevin Mark Low | Architect

The Ivory Throne + Rebel Sultans

Manu S Pillai | Historian

Monique Bosco-von Allmen | Recent Work 2012

Monique Bosco-von Allmen | Architect

New American Cinema

Pravina Cooper | Professor

Spirited Circle with Nipun Mehta

Nipun Mehta | Changemaker

Opolis Architects | Recent Work 2013

Sonal Sancheti + Rahul Gore | Architects

Work | Robert Oshatz Architects

Robert Oshatz | Architect

Jahangir: An Intimate Portrait of a Great Mughal

Parvati Sharma | Author

Placemaking: Challenges and Opportunities in the Indian Context

P. K. Das + Vikash Chandra | Architects

Psychic City

Gouri Dange + Mathangi Krishnamurthy |

DCOOP Architects | Recent Work 2019

Quaid Doongerwala | Architect

Pradeep Kodikara Architects | Recent Work 2013

Pradeep Kodikara | Architect

Palinda Kannangara Architects | Recent Work 2013

Palinda Kannangara | Architect

S + PS Architects | Recent Work

Shilpa Gore-Shah + Pinkish Shah | Architects

When Empowerment Fails: Gendered Work in India’s Polarized Service Sector

Smitha Radhakrishnan | Sociologist

Stories that Connect Us

James Knight | Writer, Journalist

Studio Alternatives | Recent Work 2013

Dhara Kabaria | Designer

The Courtesan, the Mahatma and the Italian Brahmin: Tales from Indian History

Manu S. Pillai | Historian

Thisara Thanapathy Architects | Recent Work 2012

Thisara Thanapathy | Architect

Kohinoor: the Story of the World's Most Infamous Diamond

William Dalrymple | Historian