Chaitanya Guttikar | Alternative Photography

Chaitanya Guttikar | Photographer

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Chaitanya Guttikar, Photographer.

The Talk
The talk will focus on Alternative Photography: its history, anecdotes and stories on why Chaitanya uses it in his work and projects. There will be a discussion on
photography in general and alternative photography in particular, especially in relation to contemporary art practice. Chaitanya will also show a lot of his
own images and those of other photographers.

About Chaitanya
Jovially called “the doctor” by his artist friends, Chaitanya became devoted to creating hand-crafted photographs while pursuing his doctorate in the United States. He first encountered platinum-palladium prints in 2007 during a
gallery visit in New York and fell in love. He has been exploring and researching cyanotypes, platinum-palladium and other alternative processes ever since.
In May 2010, he left his professorial job at University of Miami to return to India. He is now a directo rof the Goa Center for Alternative photography (Goa-CAP).

Artist’s Statement
For me, photography is a means of exploring my curiosity. It is a way of discovering, isolating and simplifying what I find visually fascinating and emotionally moving about our marvelously complex and constantly changing world. Only then I can bring it to your notice and hope that you will be able to share my experience. And sharing this sense of discovery is as important to me as the discovery itself. This is one of the reasons I left a well-established career as a mathematician to pursue photography – I enjoyed the same kind of joy from making mathematical discoveries, but I found it insufficient that I could share that excitement with only a very select group of people, namely other mathematicians. I find photography a much better outlet for my creative instincts.