The Magic of Storytelling in our Adult Lives

Erica Taraporevala | Storyteller

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

Erica Taraporevala will share stories from different cultures that have stalked her and held her in times of personal crisis and given her clarity, closure, courage, hope, vision and joy anew.
The collection of stories are from the Jewish, Sufi and Hindu traditions as well as what may be considered modern fairy tales.

Erica started her career as a software professional but post marriage and children moved towards a deeper study of life and spirit. She is one of the first in the urban Indian context to turn to home schooling for both her children. As a writer and passionate environmental activist, she has had ample opportunity to learn
the value of observation and introspection. She now defines herself as a practitioner -
a practitioner of meditation, music and storytelling.

Based in Pune, she tells stories because she feels they open up doorways for us to learn and grow in a
lighthearted yet meaningful way, as the stories linger on in our hearts and mind long after they have been heard.”