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Event: Talk/Book Reading by Lalita Iyer (Author, Columnist)
Date: Saturday, 28th March, 2015.
Time: 6.45 pm

The Book:
Lalita Iyer’s bestselling “I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot!” is a funny-sad, but mostly real book on pregnancy and motherhood
that features people with real stories instead of sedated zombies who always told you that everything was beautiful. The book talks about stuff like pregnant women made to feel guilty about their libido, the whole fertility politics and how the womb is a metaphor for oneupwomanship among women. It is also an insight into how pregnant women/new mothers are conveniently shafted at work, because babies are thought of as some exotic hobby that the corporate world doesn’t know how to deal with, about the whole mutiny around lactation and ‘normal’ birth and stuff like that.

About the Author:
Lalita Iyer writes a weekly column on parenting for Pune Mirror. She has written extensively on relationships, parenting, gender, food and travel in the Times of India, Indian Express and Hindustan Times.
Her columns have a huge following, as does her blog She was earlier the Managing Editor at Filmfare magazine and has also worked with Hindustan Times, Man’s World magazine and in advertising.
She is currently living life in the slow lane, teaching English to teenagers at a residential school near Pune and writing more books. She is on twitter @Lalitude

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