Gauri Raje | Tales of Exile and Sanctuary

Gauri Raje |

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

‘Tales of Exile and Sanctuary’ is a tapestry of stories from around the world exploring the human questions of exile and refuge.
Some of the questions it asks are: What are the exiles we carry?
What are the exiles that stories make familiar? What is the beauty and horror of sanctuary? And what is nourished through sanctuary?
This is an hour long telling, preceded by a short introduction to
Gauri’s storytelling workaround displacement and working as an Indian migrant storyteller in the UK and Europe. The telling will be followed by a Q&A session.

Gauri Raje holds a PhD in Anthropology, diploma in film editing and trained in storytelling with tribal communities in India and UK. Since 2012, she has trained and worked with Theatre of Witness in Northern Ireland and England, a performance approach that
focuses on biographical storytelling by people who have no experience with theatre. Since 2007, she has been working with refugees and immigrant communities in the UK on various funded projects relating to urban land and storytelling as a way of understanding the process of settlement among immigrant groups in cities. Currently, she works with a community radio station in Glasgow on documenting the stories of early Asian migrants to Scotland since 1940s. It will be part of an exhibition at the Scottish Parliament in June 2018.