Film Screening


Paresh Kamdar | Filmmaker

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

‘Khargosh’: based on the short story by Priyamvad.
directed by Paresh Kamdar.

The journey of a ten year old boy as he stumbles into the realm of sensuousness and passion.
The narrative of the boy reflects the larger tensions in the vortex of desire.

In terms of cinematic style, the film could be described as ‘minimalist lyricism’. Images and sounds, sculpted out of the physical landscape of the narrative, create an acute experience which evokes the subjective intensity and complexity of the boy’s experience.
Bantu who finds himself playing go-between for his older friend Avneesh, and the girl he desires, who is metaphorically named Mrityu by her young boyfriend.
But once the lovers get together, Bantu finds himself at loose ends and begins to feel a strong pull towards Mrityu. His boyhood transforms into adolescence and a world of sensuous passion begins to unfold.