Into the Blue Beyond

MYSTIC | Live Concert

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

MYSTIC, India’s first poetry-music band, takes us on a journey into the high Himalayas with enchanting lyrics and an evocative fusion of guitar and flute. Presented in three movements: Self, Memory & Divine, the concert unfolds – sharing the experience of evolving consciousness which magically reveals the spirit of the great mountains. Projected digital images enrich the performance.

Deepak Bhanuse on the flute
Deepak Bhanuse is a talented Hindustani classical flautist who is presently under the tutelage of the renowned Pt Keshav Ginde. Deepak has an MA in music (flute). He is a regular public performer in Mumbai, Goa, Bengaluru and works at the JW Marriot. He has been awarded the Pandit Pannalal Ghosh Award (2009) from the Amulya Jyoti Sanstha, Pune and received the Venuvidya Shisha Vrutti ( 2009)from the same organisation. More recently, he performed in Kalauatavam in Singapore.

Majid Aziz S. on the guitar
Majid Aziz S started playing live in the early 2000s at the Pune Festival. He draws his inspiration from world music, movies, books, places, birds, trees, mountains, blue skies, food and eyes. Detailed guitar pieces created by him are highlighted by notes as clear as motifs or fine inlay work carefully laid on marble castles. Jazz and Spanish music inspires him the most .Majid is not a ‘note-by-note’ cover player but loves to improvise, write his own pieces or adapts and fuses a theme/melody.

Randhir Khare lyrics &vocals
Randhir Khare, the award winning poet-performer, is known for exquisite renditions of his poetry which create hauntingly beautiful whirls of sound. He has presented his lyrics with a jazz band and instruments such as the sarod, santoor, tabla, jodiya pawa, flute, sax, clarinet and sambal as well as a number of performances with the Chamber Singers, a Pune-based choir. His lyrics have been set to music by A.R.Rahman.