Kurush Dalal | Salcette Exploration Project

Dr. Kurush Dalal | Archaeologist

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

Archaeologist Dr. Kurush Dalal throws light on an urban archaeology project, which since 2016 is unearthing relics and broken artefacts from concrete settlements of Mumbai and its suburbia. He will unravel aspects of Pre-Portuguese history of Mumbai and takes you through the team’s explorations and findings that date back from approx 10,000 years ago to the approximately. 1000 years ago, and touches upon their allegorical relevance in current times. This project is undertaken by the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies, University of Mumbai with the India Study Centre (INSTUCEN) Trust and Sathaye College.

Dr Kurush Dalal is Director & Field Director CEMS and INSTUCEN Chandhore Excavations, Assistant Professor (Archaeology),
Coordinator (Archaeology, Advanced Archaeology and Anc. Ind Arts, Crafts & Sc.), Centre for Extra Mural Studies (CEMS) University of Mumbai (Kalina Campus).

We are thankful to Black Swan Journeys for bringing us this talk.