The Bawd in Verse

Deesh Mariwala |

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On the occasion of World Theater Day ( Friday, 27 March, 2015) we are hosting:

Lecture/Demonstration/Workshop: The Bawd in Verse: with Deesh Mariwala

Shakespeare - a name that strikes fear into the very hearts of even the most literary
of people. A name that frightens students, gives scholars nightmares, and fills many of us with collywobbles. The name ‘Shakespeare’ has led, historically,
to almost as much cardiac trouble as the word ‘Mathematics.’

But there really is no reason to fear. Shakespeare is no monster. In fact, he may even become your best friend. All it takes is a little trust, a little courage, and a lot of fun.

On the occasion of World Theatre Day, this 27th of March, come and make friends with Shakespeare. Deesh Mariwala, who has been performing and working with
classical drama and literature for almost 30 years in many cities across India (and founded the Shakespeare Society for Orient Longman and the British Council in Madras) will take us on a journey into the language
and worlds of Shakespeare.

The evening will be part lecture, part demonstration, and part workshop. Audience members will be invited to step up, have scenes from Shakespeare’s most delightful plays thrust upon them, and be invited to perform,
as Deesh directs them skillfully to create magic for the audience they emerged from only moments earlier. Actors, performers, classicists, students and teachers of
literature are all invited to come and participate. You are also invited to bring your least favourite, or most hated, passages from Shakespeare to request that they
be brought alive, and made less formidable.