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Gouri Dange | Writer

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So you want to be published, huh?
Writer Gouri Dange takes the lid off the ‘mystique’ of being a published writer. Whether you are published, unpublished, self-published, over-published, under-published, maybe-published, pretend-published…
you will recognize many of your secret indignities
as well as silent triumphs in these hilarious readings from her diary. Agents, publishers, editors, illustrators, fellow-writers, marketing and accounting execs,
the press, reviewers, bookstores, celeb-guests, lit-fests, readers… she carpet-bombs the entire three-ringed circus that is Indian publishing. The idea of sharing a laugh with other writers, aspiring as well as published,
by looking at the absurdities of the publishing world,
she says, “is to turn neurotic misery into common grief” (to paraphrase Freud).

About Gouri
Gouri Dange is a writer, editor and family counsellor. She has had six works of fiction and non-fiction published over the last 5 years. She has edited over 200 books on varied subjects - cities, architecture, crafts, the environment,
animal behaviour, Indian music, social movements -
and is a columnist with national newspapers and magazines. She has long-running social satire and parenting columns in Pune Mirror and Lounge-Mint.