Stories of Heroes and Heroines

Randhir Khare | Storyteller

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

In a divided world, culture and the creative experience become important nurturing ways by which we can encourage a common sharing that transcends boundaries. Gyaan Adab’s Story Tour tries in an intimate way to rediscover our common heritage through folk tales, myths and legends. The stories that will be retold on the tour are drawn from traditional communities from all over the world. Though they have emerged from diverse sources, their similarities are often apparent. This is because they have essentially all come down to us from the depths of time where boundaries did not exist and our planet was a common space for the traffic of thoughts, ideas, feelings, journeys and discoveries.

The stories have come from traditional communities belonging to far-flung places on our planet – the Native Americans, the Incas, Mayas, Bushmen, the great Norse travellers, the shepherds of the lower Himalayas, the Mullukurumba hunters, the Bhils, the Santhals, the Muriyas, the Mariyas, the Gonds and a host of others – relived and shared in the language of today, fresh, vibrant, excitingly new. And of course, finally, the purpose of The Story Tour is also to create a travelling space of entertainment that celebrates the magical art of story telling.

Randhir Khare has for the last four decades travelled extensively, collecting stories and song-poems from traditional communities and has spent valuable time bringing them to us in a language that is vibrantly new and dramatic. He has published and performed these stories and song-poems and reached out to a wide audience, captivating listeners by his stylistic flight of language and drama.
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