Film Screening

Reading Architecture Practice Mumbai

Rajeev Thakker, Samarth Das, Shreyank Khemalpure, Sunil Thakkar, Philippe Calia | Filmmaker

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

Documentary Film. English. 37 Minutes. 2016.

**Directed by Rajeev Thakker, Samarth Das, Shreyank Khemalpure, Sunil Thakkar, Philippe Calia
**Cities are the great fields of exchange. They have traditionally remained an important site for architecture and its practice, as they have for several other disciplines and fields of engagement.
This obvious, symbiotic relationship between architecture and the city seems to have been, over time –and with changing economic, political and social scenarios- rendered oblivious.
This state of obliviousness has, in recent history, steadily shifted the focus of architecture away from the city and to other streams of interest that allow its conjectures to flourish and develop but does this oblivious relationship signify that the architect of the city is no longer relevant? Does it mean that there is no longer any room for critical engagement of architectural provocation with the city and within it? With this question we invited five architectural practices to talk about their particular forms of engagement with the city. Beyond capturing the uniqueness of each practice, what has emerged through the film is not only an overwhelming need to engage with this highly charged city, but at the same time the need to work together, think together, talk to each other, and other ideas propelling a collective engagement with the city and its people.

Featuring: Architects P.K. Das, Vikas Dilawari, Sameep Padora, Aneerudha Paul, Rohan Shivkumar, Rupali Gupte, Prasad Shetty.