Sanjna Kapoor | Sharing my Junoon

Sanjna Kapoor | Co-Founder of Junoon

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Sanjna Kapoor shares the dreams and aspirations of her fledgling organisation Junoon: co-founded by her and Sameera Iyengar.
Junoon aims at seeding platforms of engagement and immersion in the performing arts, to one day see a world where the arts are an integral part of our lives.

About Junoon:
Junoon has come out of a belief that the arts are integral to a healthy society, and that in a country like India where there is currently no overall articulated vision, policy or practices to unleash this power of the arts for society, private players have to take on this responsibility for our collective social benefit.
Through the arts, we reach for our vast human possibility for empathy, for creativity, for leaps of the imagination, for dignity, for humanity.

About Sanjna:
Sanjna Kapoor, co-founder of Junoon, is well-known for her passionate work with theatre over two decades, and for having built Prithvi Theatre into one of India’s premier cultural hubs.
She is responsible for having brought to Indian audiences some of the finest of world and Indian theatre, being the first to introduce a touring theatre festival into the Indian scene.
She has also played a key role as catalyst for theatre for children. Her vision, commitment and enthusiasm ensure that she keeps bringing the richness of theatre into people’s lives in multiple ways.
She currently spearheads Junoon’s school programme, and continues the legacy of both the Kapoors and the Kendals to take theatre to people across the country.
Sanjna has also been responsible for initiating the India Theatre Forum network for theatre practitioners.