Dastaan-e-Aawaargi | On the life, times and poetry of Majaaz Lakhnavi (1911-1955)

Himanshu Bajpai | Storyteller

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Himanshu Bajpai
Dastaan-e-Aawaargi: on the life, times and poetry of Majaaz Lakhnavi (1911-1955)

This dastangoi presentation is based on the life, times and poetry of the famous Urdu poet Majaaz Lakhnavi (1911-1955). The narrative introduces the audience to Majaaz, his childhood, his fame at AMU, his days in Delhi, his love, and most importantly his aawaargi. The story, told through accounts of the poet’s relatives, friends and acquaintances, will be interspersed with the recitation of Majaaz’s poetry - which is a unique mix of romance and revolution.

Himanshu Bajpai Dastango: Born and brought up in the storied by lanes of old Lucknow, this journalist by profession, has worked with organizations like Akashvani, Dainik Bhaskar and Tehelka in the past. He recently completed his PhD thesis on the Awadh Akhbar published by the Naval Kishore Press of Lucknow.