Anthill Design | Recent Work 2013

Riyaz Tayyibji | Architect

| The Loft Forum

Anthill Design is a collaborative practice, with its partners deeply engaged in a variety of architectural processes centred on building practices, and informed by an active participation in academics, research and writing and in a curatorial role for architectural and urban exhibitions that are a documentation of contemporary phenomena in the built environment.
Anthill Design was established in Ahmedabad in 2005 by Sarosh Anklesaria, Roma and Riyaz Tayyibji. The studio has had the opportunity to build in diverse geographic and cultural situations across the country. This experience has raised questions relating to craft and building technology, response to climate and the character of place; and the ability of a design process to register and engage with a plethora of situations. With an interest in both the profusion inherent in Indian urbanity and the search for the quiet space of human bonds, Anthill Design is deeply engaged in articulating processes that give architectural form to these concerns.