Songs as Literature

Chandrakant Redican, Ahmed Karim, Shantanu Anand, Nandini Varma, Aashna Iyer | Live Concert

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

Popular songs are a part of our popular culture.
However, because of their appeal and their production, their literary value is often not recognized or appreciated
enough. And many popular songs, you maybe surprised have hugely poetic lyrics, often overpowered
by the music. This evening is about surprising you with an encounter with the poetry in some popular songs.
The songs will be performed by persons with a
background in spoken word performance, storytelling and theater.
The evening will feature songs by Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, Gulzar, The Beatles, U2 & Two Pack amongst others.
The evening is a collaboration between the Airplane Movement Project,
Orchestrated Q’ Works and creative commoner individuals, with a love for words.