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The Talk:
Sometime in 2013, former journalist and best-selling non-fiction author, Sudha Menon, set out on a journey into the unknown. She was about to write a book about the lives of people with disability and would spend the next year interviewing dozens of people with different disabilities. When she set out on that journey, it was with no personal knowledge about their lives but by the time she wrapped up the book, she was blown away by what
she had seen, heard and experienced.
“It was a completely transformational experience for me. Never again will I presume that a differently-abled person cannot do the same things that we so-called normally-abled people can do. There is much we can learn from the differently-abled, the most important of which is the power of determination and self-belief,” says Sudha.
The author will talk about her amazing experiences while writing Gifted, the book on the lives of differently-abled, with co-author V.R. Ferose. She will tell us why the book
became a national best-seller within a month of publication and how the inspirational men and women that she met during the writing of the book changed her attitude towards life forever.

About Sudha:
Sudha Menon is an author, a columnist and a writing coach, and spent over 20 years as a journalist with leading newspapers. She is the author of three non-fiction books. A writing coach, Sudha is the founder of ‘Get Writing! , a writing workshop that helps people kick
start their writing journey and ‘Writing In the Park’, an initiative that she started to get people to spend time in the outdoors, exploring their creativity while writing with her in public parks and gardens.
Sudha is also a motivational speaker who has conducted numerous inspirational workshops and women’s leadership sessions for various corporates, educational institutions and NGO’s across the country. She was also a speaker at TEDxPune 2013 edition.