Ajay Bhatia | Le Corbusier: The Play of Light

Ajay Bhatia | Documentary Photographer

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

Ajay Bhatia will talk about his photography exhibition “Le Corbusier - The Play of Light” which will be on view at Darpan Gallery, Kalachaya Complex, Pune from June 8 to June 21, 2016. This will be followed by the screening of two slide films about Le Corbusier’s architectural wonders in India.
1.“Le Corbusier - The Play of Light” (Color 6 Minutes)
2.“What a wonderful world” (B&W 5 Minutes)
Following this Ajay will talk about documentary photography and how it can help in preserving of the immense heritage and diversity of our country, along with the screening of the slide film: “Preserve what Remains” (Color 6 Minutes)

Ajay Bhatia is a documentary photographer from Chandigarh engaged in travel, event and architectural photography. His work explores the contemporary spirit and lifestyle of
modern cities and the traditional essence, heritage and culture of historical cities, towns and villages of India. He is also interested in documenting the rhythms, colors and energy
of the traditional dance, music and folk art of Inda. Ajay believes that the Indian sub-continent is a land of great diversity and beauty.
“One would need several lifetimes to exhaust its infinite photographic possibilities.” But he hopes to create a photographic memory of as many regions of the land as he is able to visit.