Pushkar Lele | Understanding the Fundamentals of Hindustani Classical Music 1

Pushkar Lele | Vocalist

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Workshop by Pushkar Lele.

Have you always wanted to learn about Hindustani Classical Music but did not know where to start?
Have you wanted to be an informed listener of Indian Classical music?
This is a special opportunity for uninitiated adults to familiarize themselves with the basic terminology of Hindustani Classical Music and different musical styles.
The course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of performance and aesthetics.
It is designed to combine instruction with demonstration and listening to audio recordings. The course will be conducted in English in two sessions of three hours each. Participants will also receive written material on the subject.

Session One (10 am – 1 pm)
1. A brief overview of the five categories of music
2. Introduction to basic notes, Saptak, Samvad
3. Concept of Raga, types of musical phrases
4. Concept of Laya - Tala
5. Concept of Bandish

Session Two (2 pm – 5 pm)
1. Forms in Classical Music
2. A typical performance of classical music
3. Accompanying instruments and their role
4. Raga-Ras (aesthetic emotion) and its problem areas,
Raga-samay (time) and its problem areas
5. Summing up, Q & A

About Pushkar Lele:
Pushkar Lele has trained as a vocalist with several
well-known teachers: Gangadharbua Pimpalkhare,
Vijay Koparkar, Vijay Sardeshmukh and Satyasheel
Deshpande. With a thorough understanding of Indian
music, and an easy, interactive style of communication,
he has conducted similar workshops through
‘Open Space’, ‘Kaveri Kalakshetra’ and NCPA, Mumbai.