Guided Listening Session 1/4: DHRUPAD

Pushkar Lele | Vocalist

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Dhrupad, which developed in India in medieval times is the oldest and most profound form of Classical Hindustani vocal music that has survived until today
in its original form. The nature of Dhrupad music is spiritual. It seeks not to entertain, but to induce feelings of peace and contemplation in the listener. It is a form of devotional music that traces its origin to the ancient text of Sama Veda.

Session 2: Khayal
Session 3: Thumri
Session 4: Tappa
(Dates to be announced).

About Pushkar: Pushkar Lele has trained as a vocalist with several well-known teachers: Gangadharbua Pimpalkhare, Vijay Koparkar, Vijay Sardeshmukh and Satyasheel Deshpande. With a thorough understanding of Indian music, and an easy, interactive style of communication, he has conducted similar workshops through ‘Open Space’, ‘Kaveri Kalakshetra’ and NCPA, Mumbai.