Designing with Bamboo

Munir Vahanvati | Architect

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

Promoting the use of bamboo is at the heart of what Giant Grass does. Their interest in bamboo is grounded in the intention to foster the use of this structurally high-performing, low cost and ecologically sustainable material in the small-scale building industry. To achieve this vision they not only engage in design and building of bamboo structures but also conduct hands-on construction workshops imparting awareness about the possibilities with bamboo.

Munir Vahanvati is an architect and an urban designer, who co-founded Giant Grass with Mittul Vahanvati and has been working with bamboo since the last 8 years. His main interest lies in creating structures and products that utilise the natural form of bamboo.

At Moreland City Council, Melbourne he manages the Urban Design Unit which is responsible for delivering urban regeneration projects including public realm improvements and urban design frameworks in inner city Melbourne.

He has presented at international conferences including the World Bamboo Congress in 2009 and International Urban Design Conference in 2012. He has also taught at various universities including UNSW, Sydney and University of Melbourne.