The Archeology of Food

Dr. Kurush Dalal | Archeologist

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

We are delighted to host archeologist Dr. Kurush Dalal who will talk about the ‘The Archaeology of Food’.

The Talk: Food History and Heritage Gastronomy are amongst the buzz words these days, yet few people, if any, really try and research the real history of food -
not the history of the past few hundred years or the royal courts, but the history of over 200,000 years of food cultivation, preparation and cooking.

This talk is a small beginning in that direction. It will take you on a journey through time and space via the eating habits of our ancestors, especially in the Indian sub-continent.
The talk aims at recounting the histories of our food patterns and choices based on archaeological, historical and anthropological data.
It is a small attempt at recreating the foods that made us what we are.

Date: Sunday, 8th March, 2015
Time: 10.45 am (Please note the time. It is a change from our usual evening event time).

Speaker: Dr. Kurush Dalal: Director & Field Director CEMS and INSTUCEN Chandhore Excavations, Assistant Professor (Archaeology),
Coordinator (Archaeology, Advanced Archaeology and Anc. Ind Arts, Crafts & Sc.), Centre for Extra Mural Studies (CEMS) University of Mumbai (Kalina Campus)

With many thanks to our friends at Black Swan Journeys for bringing this talk to us.
Black Swan specializes in designing customised travel experiences in India and abroad with a deep understanding of the local character of each destination.