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THE STORYTELLERS perform stories from Rafiq Schami’s DAMASCUS NIGHTS.

Rafiq Schami:
Rafiq Schami, originally from Syria, has now settled in Germany and is a well known author. Some of his other works include ‘The Dark Side of Love’ and ‘The Calligrapher’s Secret’. His books speak about life, love and the people of Syria in the early and mid nineties.

The Performance:
The performance of Damascus Nights, while not strictly in the tradition of the hakawatis, the traditional cafe storytellers of Syria, draws its inspiration from them. The performance you will witness is an attempt by The Storytellers to meld theatre with storytelling and
bring out the varied flavours of this remarkable work.

The Storytellers
For The Storytellers, this is an initiative to popularise and improve storytelling techniques in order to reclaim a community space which our fast paced, electronic media based, busy life has all but obliterated. We work as a guild, where older and more experienced storytellers practice their craft alongside newcomers and inputs from all are considered in order to serve the needs of the story, the teller and most importantly the listeners.
The Storytellers activities can be viewed on their Facebook page with the same name. Activities are coordinated by Peter who can be reached at 94235 81693.

The performers are Mukul Ahmed, Joel D’souza, Neilum Malgonkar, Ahmed Karim, Deepak Morris, John Samson, Chetan Shetty, Deepesh Chandran, Peter Viegas, Naina Rao Athalye.
The offstage team are Sheetal Janhavi – prompting, Audrey Fernandes – costumes, and Sophia Dias – social media communications.