Dastan Dara Shikoh Ki

Ankit Chadha | Dastango

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Ankit Chadha brings together oral narrative performance, literature and history. He specializes in bringing new content into Dastangoi - the art of Urdu storytelling. His research-based works range from biographical dastans on Kabir,
Amir Khusrau, Majaaz Lakhanvi and Dara Shikoh, to ontemporary themes like corporate culture and digital divide. The author of the national award-winning children’s book ‘My Gandhi Story’, Ankit also works on history education through children’s literature. Currently, he is discovering a story around
the conflict between “moving” and “settling”. He tweets at @ankitchadha

Dastans to be performed:

Dastan Ek Chhoti Si Cheenti Ki This adaptation of a modern folk tale about an ant in a corporate jungle could be
anybody’s story. How wild is your job? Find out.

Dastan Dara Shikoh Ki
This biographical piece on Dara Shikoh was conceived and scripted by Ankit Chadha in collaboration with the Harvard scholar Supriya Gandhi. Largely based on Supriya’s biography
in progress, the presentation is an effort to lift away the binary framework through which people have often viewed Dara Shikoh and associated figures like Aurangzeb.
The narrative does this by providing a nuanced and multi-faceted view of Dara’s personality and also the complex religious and political landscape of his times.

Dastan Internet Ki
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. There is more fruit in the shampoo of the rich brown fox than there is in the poor dog’s plate. So, what happens when the dog meets
the fox at the threshold of the tilismi (magical) world of the internet. We witness the lives of people on both sides of the technology divide