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The Talk:
Firm in his convictions and never shy to share his opinions, Ramesh Sheth has lived his life on his own terms. Growing up in pre-Independence India, Ramesh faced every challenge head on. He will share his journey and experiences of a life lived fully dedicated to a cause
greater than himself. A life which took him from small town India to the US, and back to work in politics and nation building movements.

Ramesh Sheth:
He is honest to himself. He is generous to a fault.
His heart is quick to melt away at the slightest need for compassion. In his life’s journey, he has been master of himself; doing only what he wanted to do.
Educated with two Master’s from the US, one in Structural Engineering, and other in Mathematics, he has dabbled in teaching, training, politics, Swadeshi movement, Trusteeship and what not. He feels he has progressed well in what he always wanted to do, that is, follow the path of spirituality for self realization.