Guided Listening Session: Thumri & Tappa

Pushkar Lele | Vocalist

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Thumri is one of the most popular forms of North Indian (Hindustani) semi -classical (Art) music, characterized by a restrained sensuality and it’s depiction of various moods associated with the sentiment of love. In this session, Pushkar shall unfold the beauty and intricacies of this romantic form, along with some sister forms like the Dadra, Chaiti, Kajri, Hori, Sawan and Zhoola.

Tappa is one of the major genres of semi-musical tradition in India of folk derivation and is believed to be originated from musical talent of Ghulam Nabi Shori, i.e. Shori Miyan after getting influenced by folk music of Punjab, Sindh and the north westerns frontiers of India. Pushkar shall unfold the intricacies of this flashy and energetic vivacious form!