Adventures Beyond Barriers

Divyanshu Ganatra |

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

Divyanshu Ganatra talks on Disability Awareness and his work with Adventures Beyond Barriers. Divyanshu will bring attention to issues people with disabilities face in India, such as lack of access, infrastructure, social discrimination, the reasons behind their poverty, stereotypes rampant in the main streamed community, and how they all primarily stem from lack of awareness and contact. It is the absence of empathy which breeds these negative stereotypes and how through adventure and outdoor sports, such as, mountaineering, trekking, and camping, tandem cycling, scuba diving, marathons, paragliding etc, Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation is shattering a million stereotypes. Divyanshu will focus on the work carried out by Adventures Beyond Barriers and how it has been a transformative experiences for not just people from the main streamed community but also has helped People with Disability to change how they perceive themselves. He will also share his conversations with Mr. Amitabh Bachan which was aired on 1st November, along with many stories/ videos of transformation and success. This will be a great opportunity for us to learn how we too can participate in social changesimply by experiencing a different perspective. We too can become change makers and contribute to making this world a better place simply by opening themselves to understanding the biases we hold, and gather evidence to the contrary.

Divyanshu Ganatra is a clinical psychologist, educationist and researcher. He is self- motivated, enthusiastic and endowed with an insatiable thirst for learning. It is this drive that has led him to accumulate experiences in the diverse fields of human potential optimization, rational thinking & positive psychology, IT for empowerment, personality development, counseling & therapy, psychometric evaluation, scientific research et al. He is trained in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Adlerian therapy from Malta, Europe. The winner of the “National Award” for the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities by the Honorable Vice President of India, as best self-employed entrepreneur of the year, Divyanshu is also the co-founder, trustee as also past vice-president of the Disability Network. He has worked in the field of IT for five years and worked as senior HR executive in TATA Serwizol. He was awarded “Ten Outstanding Young Indians Award,” for personal accomplishments and achievements, by JC’s, an International Youth Organization. He is a mountaineer and adventure sports buff. He is a voracious reader with over five thousand books in his personal collection! He also makes and plays electronic-drums as a hobby. Last year Diu, with the help of his instructor Avi Malik of Temple Pilots, became India’s first solo paragliding pilot!