Brain, Mind and Consciousness

Dr. Bhuvanesh Awasthi | Cognitive Scientist

| The Loft Forum | Facebook Event

For several past centuries, Consciousness remained a phenomena of interest in philosophical circles. Since the cognitive revolution in the study of mind, a resurgence in the scientific investigations of consciousness has taken hold. Through this talk, we shall explore the recent and ongoing trends inthe neuroscientific, philosophical and physical investigations of consciousness. In particular, the role of certain brain processes, behavioural and subjective reports
shall be collated to examine the latest in the scientific study of consciousness.

Dr Bhuvanesh Awasthi is a cognitive scientist with a specific research focus on human consciousness, thought and emotions. As a scientist, he has worked in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Russia and Australia. His early training is from the University of Pune, a Consciousness Studies Masters from
BITS Pilani and a PhD from Sydney, Australia. He has been invited to present his research to a variety of audiences across North America (San Diego, Boston), UK (Royal Society, London), Europe (Paris, Stockholm, Oslo, Moscow), Middle East (Dubai, Beirut), India (IISc; IITs; IISER; NIPFP) and Australia (Melbourne, Sydney).