The Era of Bajirao

Dr. Uday Kulkarni | Surgeon, Historian

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Bajirao Peshwa was an extraordinary phenomenon of the 18th century. In a span of twenty years, from a kingdom comprising just two districts, he established an Empire that stretched the length and breadth of India. The first half of the 18th century was thus indubitably stamped as the era of Bajirao. The reader begins the journey in the 17th century, and traverses an eventful period that chronicles the retreat of the Mughals and the rise of the Marathas.
Using maps and illustrations a narrative of amazing clarity unfolds a graphic account of an understated epoch in 18th century India. The book covers the story of the first half of the 18th century collated from Marathi, English, Persian, Rajput and Portuguese records.

Uday S. Kulkarni is trained as a Surgeon and is an alumnus of the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. After serving in the Armed Forces, he retired in the rank of Surgeon Commander and began practice as a Surgeon in Pune. He then obtained a post-graduate
Bachelors in Communication and Journalism from Pune University. He returned to his love for history in 2010 when he wrote a full length non-fiction account of the 3rd Battle of Panipat titled ‘Solstice at Panipat – 14th January 1761’. In 2013 he discovered long lost
documents taken to England by Charles W. Malet and John Briggs in the 18th or 19th centuries. These documents yielded a complete bakhar of Panipat amongst other papers. Dr. Kulkarni lives in Pune with his family and continues the practice of surgery while sparing his free time to the study of history. He lectures about various aspects of Indian history to interested audiences.