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Shubhra Raje: architect
Date: Saturday, 4th March, 2017.
Time: 6.45 pm

*shubhra raje _ built environments
Our work is the product of several intersections - of cultures, interests, scales and geographies. It involves institutional projects - primarily schools and institutions of higher learning; residential developments; renovations, inserts and re-use as well as single family homes. Some of these projects follow the contours of traditional practice models, while others are opportunities that fill the gaps within traditional practice of our profession -
gaps of scale, program, site, disciplines or media-materiality -
through a commitment to a radical pragmatism.

We are inspired by the exciting shift in the longstanding dialogue between architecture and society, in which the architect’s methods and approaches are being dramatically reevaluated. It also ascribes to an expanded definition of sustainability that moves beyond experimentation with new materials and technologies to include such concepts as social and economic stewardship.
Together, these undertakings not only offer practical solutions to known needs, but also aim to have a broader effect on the communities in which we work, using design as a tool.

Shubhra Raje is an architect and educator who is the founder-principal of shubhra raje_built environments, an inter-disciplinary design and research practice based in Denver (USA) and Ahmedabad (India). Raje has designed projects that range from community networks in Aurora CO, rehabilitating masonry structures in Egypt to the design of art spaces, single and multi-family housing, as well as social and educational institutes – thereby engaging diverse issues, multiple constituencies and
varying scales from interior design and architecture to community design and conservation.