Anand Sonecha

SEALAB is an architecture practice, based in Ahmedabad, led by Anand Sonecha. 

Projects at Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad marked the beginning of our practice, with the renovation of dilapidated historic houses into Volunteer homes and the construction of Jai Jagat theatre, as part of the centenary celebration of Ashram. 

Our approach towards projects is slow, contemplative, and open-ended. We rigorously engage with the place, trying to discover and uncover its characteristics, whether seen or unseen. Through our work, we subtly enhance or reinforce what exists, creating unique experiences and sometimes new essences. 

We build what is essential to create comfortable, meaningful, and inspiring built environments. We build responsibly with simple materials and local techniques with care and precision but acknowledge that building construction involves human beings, and imperfection is a part of the process and sometimes a virtue.

We have worked with multiple agencies and stakeholders, such as universities, public trusts, NGOs, private organizations, and individuals to realize architecture projects, and in many projects, the end users actively participate in the design process. 

We enjoy working on projects with various issues, intentions, and scales in urban and rural India. We have built housing, cultural buildings, an educational campus, installations, and furniture.

In 2019, Alvaro Siza Vieira wrote an essay on our work, “The effect of proportional measurement” on Jai Jagat Theatre, Sabarmati Ashram which was published in Casabella, Italy.  Recently our works were included in the lecture series, book, and traveling exhibition –  Architectures of Transition: Emergent Practices in South Asia by Laxmi Mittal South Asia Institute, Architecture Foundation, and GSD, Harvard University.

SEALAB’s work has also been exhibited at Galerie Romain Rolland Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Faculty of Arts, Design, and Humanities, De Montfort University, UK, Ahmedabad collective - Indian Institute of Architects, Ahmedabad, 2021 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, South Korea, where it received the Cross-Road prize by Seoul Metropolitan Government for quality of content and built installation.

Recently, our works were part of the 2023 Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK.


Anand Sonecha