Pilot, Paragliding Instructor

Avi Malik

Avi Malik is effectively the most qualified paragliding Instructor in the country today. APPI International’s only Master Instructor in India, Avi is a Qualified and Certified Tandem Instructor, Acro Trainer, XC (Cross Country) Instructor and SIV Instructor. He is also a Qualified & Certified Paramotoring Instructor with APPI PPG, Switzerland.

For Avi, who grew up in a reputed sports school in Haryana, sports was where the fun was basketball, swimming and even theatre. His being in the top three in the NDA entrance, winning the prestigious Presidents Gold Medal and being chosen for the IAF as a Fighter Pilot came so naturally that it seemed as if he were destined to make the skies his home.

Avi is simply a flier. He is at home in the sky and his love for flying comes through to all his students whom he shares it with. His one burning passion is to get more and more people flying with him and tasting the magic of nature and oneness that he lives by.


Avi Malik