Palinda Kannangara

Palinda Kannangara was born in Columbo, Sri Lanka, in 1970. Educated at Ananda College, Colombo, he entered the University of Colombo and graduated Bachelor of Science in Physics in 1996.

His primary calling, however, was elsewhere. He joined the study course conducted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects in 1994 and received his Charter in 2004 as an Associate Member of the Sri Lankan Institute of Architects.

During his undergraduate years he worked under several leading architects such as K. Ganeshan, Vinod Jayasinghe and Anura Ratnavibhushana before starting his own office in Kolonawa in 2004. He later shifted his office to Kotiwatta in Colombo, where it is now. He was awarded the Commendation Prize for the Geoffrey Bawa Award for Excellence in Architecture for the year 2008. He also received an award from the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects in 2009 for the Residential building in Makola.


Palinda Kannangara