Prasanna Desai

After spending more than 30 years in Delhi, Prasanna Desai moved to Pune in 1990 where he currently runs an architecture practice which is involved with urban design issues emphasising the role of an architect in the public domain.

He is also the Director at P.V.P. College of Architecture, Pune and has been the guiding force in the establishment of Forum for Exchange & Excellence in Design FEED, an academic platform for students and architects in Pune. Prasanna holds degrees in architecture and urban design from SPA Delhi.

For the last decade, Prasanna Desai Architects have been involved in the designing of streets as social spaces with peoples’ participation. These efforts have led to numerous success stories of well-designed and implemented streets in India, where these streets have turned into vibrant public spaces for the neighborhood & have helped in resolving conflicts and improving the character & quality of life.


Prasanna Desai