Ranjit Wagh

Ranjit Wagh studied at School of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad, India and at the T.U Delft, The Netherlands. He graduated with a Gold Medal and the I.I.A. Piloo Mody Award in 2002.

He was a Design Architect with Christopher Benninger in India and Bhutan. In 2005, he moved to Singapore, where he worked as a Project Architect with WOHA and Kerry Hill Architects for 10 years.

Amber Dar Wagh and Ranjit run a multidisciplinary design practice Dar & Wagh. Their work, associated with respective firms, has been widely published, awarded and recognised at the best architecture, hospitality and travel forums worldwide including the Royal Institute of British Architects, Singapore Institute of Architects, Australian Institute of Architects, World Architecture Festival, Forbes and Condé Nast.

Recent Work

Ranjit Wagh