Celebrating Public Places of India

Archana Gupta + Anshuman Gupta | Architecture

Celebrating Public Spaces of India is an attempt at understanding architecture as a defining feature in the identity of the ‘public space’ and its influence on evolving modes of urbanism in India. Through a carefully curated list of more than fifty vibrant landmarks across the length and breadth of India, this volume analyses and highlights the socio-cultural-functional strength of public spaces within the fabric of cities.

Archana Gupta was the co-founder of The Foundation of The Indian Cities, is the Vice-President (Projects) for KPDK Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. An architect and teacher, she had extensive experience in service architecture and infrastructure development, and had to her credit several publications and research projects relating to studies of traditional and vernacular Indian settlements.

Archana died tragically at the beginning of 2019.

Anshuman Gupta is the co-founder of The Foundation of The Indian Cities works as Vice-President, Head of Projects (South Asia), at Deutsche Bank AG. An architect and an accomplished corporate real estate professional, he has a keen interest in sustainability and is a strong proponent of finding contextual and environmental relevance and meaning in design of spaces.