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Uday S. Kulkarni | History

Uday S Kulkarni is trained as a Surgeon. After serving in the Armed Forces, he retired in the rank of Surgeon Commander and practiced as a surgeon in Pune. He then obtained a post graduate Bachelors in Communication and Journalism from Pune University with Distinction. He returned to his love for History in 2010 when he wrote a full length non-fiction account of the third battle of Panipat titled ‘Solstice at Panipat- 14 January 1761’. In 2013, he discovered long lost documents taken to England by Charles W. Malet and John Briggs in the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries. These documents yielded a complete bakhar of Panipat amongst other papers. It was published along with a translation in 2014 with the help of the late Ninad Bedekar. His first book on ‘Panipat’ was also translated into Marathi in 2015 by Vijay Bapaye. He began working on the book on Baji rao Peshwa in June 2015 and was able to put out the print edition by the end of 2016.

Dr Kulkarni is now working on an illustrated book on James Wales, an artist who was in India in the 1790s and wrote, sketched and painted people and places during his sojourn here.

Dr Kulkarni stays in Pune with his family and continues the practice of surgery while sparing his free time to the study of History. He is involved in citizens movements for the conservation of hills and open spaces in the city of Pune. His publishing firm ‘Mula Mutha Publishers’, named after the two rivers that flow through Pune, is committed to quality books in general with a specific interest in Indian history. He also lectures about various aspects of Indian history to interested audiences.